Judgements, anyone?

Hey friends. It's been a long time since my last blog post. I admit, I've lost a lot of writing skills along the way. I was enjoying the last bits and pieces of my holidays, which are coming to an end this 27th. What exactly have I been doing for the past couple of days? Well, watching Breaking Bad nonstop from the 1st season to the 4th. I've officially finished watching the 4th one 15 minutes ago. Hooray!

Wait wait. Hold on a minute. I could hear something bad. Something totally negative from someone. What? Was that a judgement? What?! You're saying I'm a couch potato? What the hell? I was just trying to... Nevermind. It's somehow very useless to explain myself to judgmental people like you! Must you always rain on someone's parade? Oh, so you've never been a couch potato before? Have you ever been in my shoes? Do you even know the meaning of holiday? What? What? What were you saying? I am not good enough? You're telling me I'm slow?

What the hell, man! I know I'm not smart like you but hey, why so mean? Why do you have to tell me all this? Oh, even if you don't I'd totally know if you're passing a judgement on me! Ever heard of the phrase "actions speak louder than words"? To be honest my friend, no one is perfect. Each and everyday, I try to better myself and yet, people like you come along passing all these judgements and when I ask why, it's all for the same reason! "I just want you to improve". True. Improvement is good, my friend. Improvement is the best thing. Do you know, everyday, improvement is necessary in life?

It is the essence of being a human being. Everyday, everyone is trying to improve, whether it's their life, or themselves or their financial problems. Everyone, absolutely everyone needs to improve.My life is always being improved each and everyday. Wait, you can't what?! You said you can't see the improvements I've made for myself? Sir, I hope for once you are God because God sees each and every detail of someone's life. But you are not. So if you are being judgemental towards someone that doesn't share his shoes with you, for once, please try imagining putting yourself in his shoes. Please.

The pain and the suffering that they've been through, only God knows. Now now, I'm not saying I'm going through any pain or suffering. It's just that I think that you should stop passing judgements on people. If I were judgemental like you, I would've said many things about you. But I am not and I am thankful. Maybe my mother taught me a lot about what's right and wrong. So if you ever get the chance, please, stop judging people. :) Instead, try to slowly help him improve himself. God will surely love you for that. I can assure you 100%. You will not break any hearts and you will not hurt anyone. Who knows if this can benefit you too? Well, I do.

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