You said I was your stone.
Wrapped in a million cracks of uncertainties. I am unpolished. Different and difficult.
A thousand miles too far. One lapidarist too short.
I have always been the poor. The huge scarcity of neediness and worthiness.
Have you got the time to check the fuel in your tank? I don't think it will sustain.

Despite the unimaginable lengths, the big hurdles over the infinite sands and vegetation, I crawled my way through, in hopes of finding you.
You eyed my advancing footprints, watching snugly on your throne. Always having the option to come and go, as you wish.
But your world continues to orbit the sun as it was since its glorious inception.
Not knowing mine stopped and turned cold.
Realizing there was never oxygen, no chemical bond after that one vigorous reaction,
Crushed the world I thought I knew.

When I look back on the past, I do only regret one thing.
I regretted disregarding my foolish naivety. Letting my ignorant instincts believe.
But I have never regretted pouring my heart and coring it out for you.
Wise men were right from the start and the fools have always been wrong,
But I will never forget that wise men were once fools too.

Nevermind. It is okay. I'm fine. Moving on.