I am the Epitome of a Very Frugal Being

When it comes to money, I am usually very thrifty. No matter what the season is, I am born frugal and proud. Grown up in a very small town called Kulim, I learned that money never comes easy. Compared to all the lucky bastards cum my schoolmates cum my friends, I've never gotten a PlayStation 2 as a birthday present. It was frustrating but at the same time it was one of the best lessons my parents taught me in life. It is no doubt a great lesson unlearned by all the other lucky bastards. They are seriously missing out.

My parents taught me well. My parents taught me hard. Luxury doesn't come easy but it's all fine. As long as we are happy and surviving, breathing in some oxygen here and there, everything is gonna be alright. As long as our tummies are filled with mum's unforgettable home cooked meals, everything is going to be a-ok. My parents taught me how to save up and how to invent a makeshift piggy bank out of a transparent Tupperware box so that I could save up some more money by not buying a piggy bank.

By having this makeshift piggy bank, I could finally keep all my coins in there ('Cuz who's still using coins anyway? Well, not moi) and store large amounts of duit raya so that I could buy something rather expensive, like awesome gadgets in particular. Til' today, the same habits do apply. I still save up some money from time to time to fulfill my heart's expensive desires. Instead of makeshift Tupperware piggy banks, I have moved on to bank accounts.

Yes, it is a lot more sophisticated and professional now. Believe it or not, my dear friends didn't find this frugality nature of mine very... hmm... 'appealing'. I understand them for they come from a very privileged family, doesn't matter if they were born with silver spoons or not, their ka-ching rings much louder than mine. Putting all comparisons aside, not everyone finds frugal people attractive. Simply because they actually think and hesitate before agreeing to spend their money on something.

I learned that being thrifty should be capped to a limited extent, not to a degree where you starve yourself to death. Having fun once in a while is fine but not everyday, of course. Your body needs some rest too, you know?

All these stories boil down to this : I am currently being a cheapskate for my future. Yes, you've heard right. All these plans of vagabonding in the land down under leads me to the extreme depths of cheapskating. I know it's not a word, but it's pretty awesome. I find myself keeping track of my everyday expenses, being disciplined on how I spend my precious money and save up as much as I could by sacrificing most worldly luxuries. Well hey, I'm doing just fine. Whenever I think about my savings, I think about all the happy times that lie ahead. I am a hundred percent sure it will all be worth it in the end.

A longing heart should never be left longing forever. By saving up bit by bit, I am one step closer to my dreams. That one dream that I should not ignore.

Well, that's all for the time being, folks. I sincerely hope that I will blog again soon. G'nite!

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